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Lisa Im
Chief Executive Officer and Board Chair

Lisa Im is the Chief Executive Officer of Performant Financial Corporation. Ms. Im has focused the company on expanding its trusted advisory services, business process management, and technology solutions to public and private sector customers across the healthcare, education, and financial asset recovery industries. Ms. Im has led the company and its passionate, dedicated employees through years of robust growth and innovation. Under her guidance, Performant has built strategic partnerships with customers, who depend upon Performant to manage billions of dollars in assets to deliver extraordinary returns.

Ms. Im, a 20-year veteran in corporate growth and operational strategies, has been in leadership ranks at some of the largest global consumer product goods companies, during which time she helped grow market share, volume, and diversity. During her tenures at Kraft and BestFoods, Im served in both executive level operational and financial leadership capacities throughout the United States.

Ms. Im received her MBA in finance from California State University, East Bay, and her BA in marketing from Loma Linda University.

    Hal Leach
    Chief Operating Officer
    Hal Leach is the Chief Operating Officer of Performant and is a recognized operations strategy leader within the financial asset recovery industry. He has the unique license to leverage synergies and commonality company-wide, in efforts to drive both logistics and operational excellence to ensure total Performant capabilities are executed.

    During his tenure, Mr. Leach led the development and implementation of audit and recovery technology. His full circle process analysis and improvement plans in the call center space has allowed the company to recover billions of dollars for customers in the past 20 years, and made it number one in its industry. He was instrumental in the company successfully achieving ISO 9002 certification.

    As a recognized government partner, his team continues their efforts to help public agencies improve audit and recovery efficiencies. Mr. Leach's expertise in high regulatory and compliance environments has cultivated key roles with customers and Congress and on matters related to government debt management. He has served as an advisor to the Internal Revenue Service regarding recovery contract services and offered counsel on industry best practices and policies.
      Hakan L. Orvell
      Chief Financial Officer
      Hakan L. Orvell has served as our Chief Financial Officer since November 2006. He is responsible for the company's corporate finance, accounting, financial planning and analysis.

      Mr. Orvell has over 20 years of experience from various industries and previous experience includes service as chief financial officer of Neopost, Inc., a manufacturer of office equipment. He has also held various financial leadership positions with Corporate Express (currently known as Staples), a large business-to-business distributor of office and computer products, including vice president and controller in both a division and regional capacity.

      He received his Certified Public Accountant accreditation in Illinois and received an MBA from the University of Stockholm.


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